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Why Decontaminating Mats?

Decontaminating mats are able to keep any environment completely clean thanks to the system of 30 to 60 layers than can be peeled off at any time.

Due to this, all shoes and trolleys in each environment stay fully clean. Even though our mats are this effective when it comes to cleaning, they don’t hazard with our health at all.

Decontaminating mats do not contain any dangerous materials or substances that could cause harm to its users. They are also very sufficient when it comes to efficiency- they are, if used correctly, very effective due to their CE certification.

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ESD Care
NON Hazardous
30-40 Layers

"Decontamination mats are completely non hazardous to our health, which we appreciate, because we work in a hospital, where high hygiene standards are set."

— staff of a hospital

"We needed a product to help us get rid of all the impurities and dust and decontamination mats were an easy choice."

— a satisfied customer

Antistatic decontamination

In the picture there is a man in the hospital, peeling off one layer off a decontamination mat.

Our decontaminating mats can also be antistatic – this feature is available on request. We use antistatic ESD care for our decontaminating mats.


More About Mats

Our company sells high quality decontaminating mats. Those mats can be very widely used in all environments with high hygiene standards. Some examples of such environments are surgeries, filters, semiconductor factories, hospitals and nuclear plants.

They come in many colours, each of the colour usually specified for one typical environment, eg. blue mats are often used in laboratories, health centres and cleaning rooms.

5 step cleaning system

Our decontamination mats have a special cleaning system. The cleaning of impurities and dust takes 5 steps and it is done automatically, with the users just peeling the layers. This makes our decontamination mats highly effective - the decontamination effect even surpasses the world quality standards put on hygiene.


In this picture we see wheels running over a blue decontamination mat.

Sticky Mat Properties


Our mats are not only CE certified, they can also carry a 150 kg load and it does not cause them any damage, so they can be effectively used even in places with heavy machinery.


ISO certification means fulfilling the whole world quality standards. Our mats are certified by CSN EN ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, making them very attractive to anyone seeking a high quality decontamination mat.


Because there are such high standards placed on decontamination mats, we put an extra anti-bacterial layer to our decontamination mats. This makes our mats usable even in places like surgery rooms and hospitals.


Our mats still keep a very thin profile, even though they are as sticky as possible and have many layers. This makes them easier to carry and install.


We can offer you custom branding. Whether you need a certain amount of mats, certain colours or certain sizes, we can always discuss every possible option with you.


Because our mats are used in places such as hospitals, we need them to be completely non hazardous to health.


If you need our decontamination mats to be completely able to decontaminate the environment, we offer you an optional anti-static ESD treatment.

Premium mats by AVMC